We get it, you’re tiny? like I’m tiny too and can fit into small sizes just like you but you don’t need to plaster it over every picture every time you get clothes, it’s kind of like you’re rubbing it in everyone’s faces//you’re insecure about your body(like maybe you think you’re fat or something? ) & need to show off that ” see you can fit into xx size ” idk, maybe I’m just overthinking this bc I have an ED and it’s kind of triggering but ???

i think it’s funny that i can still fit into some children’s clothing and that i wish children’s clothing came in bigger sizes because i often prefer it. i’m not trying to rub it in anyone’s face, i’m simply documenting things on my personal blog. i don’t buy things for the sole reason that they come in children’s sizes, i buy them because i genuinely like them and want to wear it. i do have a veryveryvery strong self-hatred towards myself and my body, but that has nothing to do with why i talk about it. however i do understand how it can be triggering, and i will tag things like that from now on as “body tw”- let me know if you would like something else as its blacklisted word (or anything else blacklisted). i’m very sorry that it was triggering for you, and i hope you’re okayxxx

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