So what you’re saying is that you care about the lives of dead, white racists than you do living black people? Right. Good to know. Also, referring to black people as “you people”… Oh, no, kid. No no. But then again, this is the kind of thing I expect from you people, too.

Well without these dead racist white people America would have never existed = “you people” would have never came to America as slaves = you would still be in Africa = look how bad Africa is right now and will continue to be. And why don’t you care about blacks killing blacks at the rate of genocide. Where is the protest, where you motherfucker!!. Where is the protest for the thousands of blacks being killed by other blacks in ghettos. Why don’t you care about those you don’t. So don’t ask whites or any other race to care about your race when blacks don’t care about blacks. And yes black lives do matter but sadly only when a white person takes it.

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