Let’s see how many feathers I ruffle


Feminism is a lie. It is nothing but over zealous women looking for a little special treatment. The movement claims they are looking for equality but that is far from the reality of it.

“Feminists” want to be put above men and to be seen as better than men. They want all the equality while still maintaining the special privileges of being a female. Oh give me the same rights as men but hey I’m still a lady. Yeah no that’s not equality.

Getting rid of Father’s Day because it’s not fair to single mothers. Um excuse you but what about all of the single fathers? Yeah fuck you, they exist too. So working with this logic that means we should get rid of Mother’s Day bc of the single fathers? Right? Again not fucking equality.

The amount of double standards disgusts me. Feminism is stupid. It’s a waste of time and it’s a lie. If I lose followers over this so be it. I’m tired of sitting back and watching men get shit on just bc they have a dick.

So please get off your fucking high horse and realize who this organization is really for.

Okay end rant.

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