I read through the few personal posts you had. I’m not trying to tell you what you are or pretend I understand your conflicts, however I can’t help but wonder if you grew up to feel pleasure from degrading women because of your mother. More specifically, perhaps you blame your mother for not being able to provide you a “complete family” after your parents divorced. Maybe you blame her for not keeping your father. Your feelings toward her are now projected toward all women after growing up.

What the fuck is this shit people trying to diagnose me. Why can’t they just deal with the fact that it turns me on and turns other people on. Me and my mother are close but I do not blame her for anything that happened in my life after age 14 I started taking responsibility for myself and didn’t blame someone else for my problems. So if I liked girls with big breasts are they going to try to find out why I like women with big breasts. If it was the opposite are they going to want to find out why. See what you dumb dumbs fail to understand is that something’s are just the way it is….. there is no reason behind it…. its just there….its just the way it is…. 

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