There are two sides to every story you anti semitic freak, how about posting the atrocities that Palestinians have perpetrated against Jews, of course you won’t do that will you.

i would be planning against people who are occupying my land too. They fucking walked out 2000 years ago went to the “promise land” ‘eye rolls’ And Israel is the one killing hundreds of people Not the Palestinians. Why don’t the Jews go to Aunt Arctica that way they don’t bother Whites, Arabs, Blacks, or any one else.

P.S if you keep putting titles on people to try to shut them from their opinions sooner or later they and me will start owning it. So keep calling people Nazis, Racist, Anti-Semitic, Homophobic, or any other title that will stop them or make them feel bad for having a opinion and see if it doesn’t bite you in the ass. 

P.S.S i only answer asks on Friday so don’t think i’ll answer everyone’s today

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