I didn’t know why feminists movements caused so much fuzz in the past years but after seeing your blog, now I understand why. Eve came out of Adan’s rib to be equal to him, not for worthless dumbfucks like you believe themselves superiors when they are absolutely worthless. PS. I feel completely ashamed of women who supports this just to get sexual pleasure. Have some self-respect and dignity, my ladies, you can do big things with your lives.

You didn’t see why the feminist movement caused such a fuzz until you find out the fact that a lot of women enjoy getting beaten, degraded, spit on, dominated, choked, dragged by their hair, slapped until they cry, controlled, and men who are out their who enjoy doing that to them. And if your so ashamed of women who want to have this done to them (because you know before feminism women didn’t have no rights). But it’s that the true purpose of feminism is so women can say how they like things and how they want to be treated. And have the right to do so without being judged by others. And if they choose to be a sex slave, punching bag, cum whore, submissive wife isn’t that their choice? But you’re not you’re only for women who have your own ideology and belief in how society should function. Ohhhh God where is Aston Kutcher when you need him. Somebody give her a BURN!!!

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