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“I’ve been hearing a lot about ‘white privilege’ lately.  About how white woman have things so much easier than any other people, that because the color of my skin, things are simply handed to me. I guess we have the ‘privilege’ of having unwanted immigration forced into our lands, being hated and blamed for all the worlds problems, and footing the bill for all of it.  I guess we have the privilege of being enslaved to the barbary pirates, ottoman turks, and countless others throughout history.  And that ‘privilege’ still carries over till today.  I guess we also have the privilege of having our myths, legends, and folk tales culturally appropriated by nonwhites.  White woman of child bearing age are only 2%  of the worlds population, yet we are encouraged to breed outside of our race or forfeit having children all together.  Because we’ll just be adding racist carbon consumers to the world.  White woman are attacked for just walking down the street.  One in four Swedish women will be raped in her lifetime, and not by native Swedes.  White woman are currently enslaved in israel where they are raped repeatedly, day and night, without any hope of escape.  We are actually told that a white woman can’t be raped, because she is the oppressor.  We are victims of hate crimes, but the world falls silent, no one seems to care when it happens to a white person.  The world applauds as our race dies, and our peoples souls are broken.  ‘Femen’, funded by the jewish George Soros, pits white women against their own men, taught to hate our brothers and despise our fathers through relentless bashing of the hetero white male.  They advocate for islam, a religion that severs the clitoris of young girls, and requires their women to be covered from head to toe.  The media programs women to think the ‘Sex in the City’ lifestyle is ideal, and traditional gender roles are oppressive and backwards.  We are taught by jewish feminists that motherhood is oppressive, and that we need to leave the house to go work in a cubicle, a strip club, or wait tables for mindless consumers, and serve anyone but our own family.  This is freedom from oppression?  Wake up, a war is being waged against you.  It is time to take action.  We will not accept the anti-white lies and relentless propaganda put forth by the media.  We will not standby while our people are shamed and demoralized, and as our countries are ruined.  We will not be collectively punished for the supposed ‘sins’ of our ancestors. Learn about the real history of our people, not the viscous lies inserted into books, TV shows, movies, and magazines.  Question the mainstream narrative.  Demand justice for our folk.  Have the uncomfortable conversation with your family about racial realities.  We are running out of time.” 

– from the video,  “White Women Are Fed Up”                                                                        

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