Just wanted to educate you a bit even though I’m 100% sure that this will be a wasted effort. Feminism is not about all women going out and working and being your equal in the workplace or your boss in the workplace. Feminism is about choice and giving women the choice to work or giving them the choice to stay in the kitchen and submit completely to men. But you can continue to say that all women want to submit to you. Feminism also accepts all opinions even when they’re wrong. :)

No let me educate you bitch feminism encourages women not to be with men, always makes it national news when and if a white man rapes a white woman but cases of black men rapping white women are ignored. It’s lucky if it’s gets on the local news. (Probably cause it will take up the entire news day). And I never said “All” women need or want to submit to me I said “A Lot” of women want to submit to me. And if feminism is so supporting of women submitting to men then women who openly say they submit to their husbands wouldn’t get made fun of, laughed at, judged and told “your putting women backwards”. And saying feminism accepts ALL opinions. Ooo where the FUCK! do you get your drugs

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