So like how do lesbians and gay people fit in to their so called roles in these relationships? Is one supposed to be dominated or what

I could care less on what they do with their lives. It’s when they push it in my face and demand to be accepted by society and force their bs on others. And demean traditional gender roles and shut down businesses who have a difference in opinion and still clam to be the victims and the ones being oppressed!. If their not like that then again I could care less on what they do in their lives. And I think that’s as advanced as it gets. It’s not acceptance it’s not tolerance it’s apathy. But to answer your question yes there are these roles in homosexual relationships. One takes on the top role one is the bottom role. And they can even “switch” but one is always more dominant then the other and if you say no that homosexual relationships don’t have roles like that you’re full of shit!!!

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