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So as some of you may know, I’m a survivor of a sexual assault. I’ve never disclosed any details about the assault on this blog publicly, but when anons, ask, I say yes, and offer any help I can give for those who have been assaulted (resources, etc). 

Yesterday I got an anon claiming he read my answers to those posts then proceeds to ask me what happened to me (if he truly read the posts, he would have known that I don’t share that info publicly on this blog… I explicitly state that with each post) Then minutes later after I answered, I received another message asking “does sexual assault turn you on? If so, what’s the specific enjoyment”

I receive a lot of ignorant messages, racist, misogynistic, both… etc… etc.. But in my naivety I never thought someone would use my sexual assault against me. I know assholes own computers. I get called all types of “bitches” every other day on here; I can laugh that off. What I can’t laugh off is sexual assault. This is a serious matter and I still deal with the aftereffects to this day so to be asked if I was turned on or if I enjoyed sexual assault, I was flooded with pain and anguish.   

Was I shaken up, yeah. I’m not gonna lie, I was. Am I better now? Undoubtedly so! And I must say that many of your comments and messages really really helped me get out of a dark place yesterday! Thank you to all of yall and @jollylollylily @yblack2205 @killakillakadafi191 specifically!

Even though I’m better, I still need to take care of myself. As of right now, I’m contemplating taking a break, not sure yet but I’ll let you all know what I decide. For now, I might not be posting as frequently (not that I posted frequently to begin with lol). But again thanks for everything yall, I really do enjoy most of my followers lol!      

This is why I forbid race play, racism, and misogyny on my blog.  Some people don’t know where to draw the line and some people shouldn’t even try. (BGWG)

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