Why is it that all lives seem to matter except white ones?






Call me racist I really don’t care but these movements for black lives matter and Muslim lives matter are stupid. All lives should matter. We all need to get off this fucking high horse that we seem be on and start acting like adults.

All lives matter.

Let me drop some knowledge on your Lilly white ass real quick
All lives matter, yes. Black and Muslim lives are receiving more attention because Black and Muslim people are being murdered in cold blood with no justice. Donald trump wants to ‘ban’ Muslims which goes against the constitution and you stupid fucks are on board with it. And what do you mean all lives matter except white lives? Are you fucking kidding me? White people are THE most protected race. It’s amusing how in the act of Black and Muslim people being murdered and shunned white people still find a way to make it about themselves. If all lives truly matter the why are you so offended by there being more attention on Black and Muslim lives at the moment? Please pop back… I’d love to hear more ignorance ?

Let me drop some knowledge on you’re black nasty stupidass. What she is trying to say is that there is a campaign for every life except white ones. And to clear up some shit real fast whites are not killing blacks as the liberal media would have you believe. In fact blacks kill more whites, rape more whites, and beat more whites. And if blacks are killed in cold blood they are killed by other blacks which the “black lives matter” bullshit doesn’t apply to them at that point. You seem more like the ignorant one here since you base all your shit on what the media says how about looking up stats before talking shit on a object which you obviously know shit about. And the reality is whites get killed by monkeys all the time but the media and our monkey president could care less about them. And blacks get killed by blacks at the rate of 1000s in Chicago but again our monkey president never says a word about them. The only black lives you talk about is the black thug who was killed by a good cop. But you don’t know the little black girl who was killed by the thugs while walking down the street. Do you know her name. No you don’t and you could care less. Black lives only matter when a white person takes it.



black people cant use logic 





The fact that you resort to calling people monkeys shows how ignorant you are
Black on black crime is punished, white on black crime is not.
Let me give you an example… Black man kill other black man… The murderer is always punished in this scenario
White man kills black man…. White man gets away with it because he “had a hard life” or is “unstable mentally”
And if a “good” white cop kills a black “thug” I supposed 12 year old Tamir Rice was a thug then, I suppose unarmed Trayvon Martin was a thug too
And the fact that she wasn’t talking about an organization saying all lives matter except white lives is hilarious
The point of it all is fuck you, and fuck your outlook on the situation
Kiss my melanin infused happy black ass and proceed on with life
Mwah ?????

If you talk about me resorting to calling you a monkey you shouldn’t have resorted to calling her “lily white ass” which you starting with the race calling I simply ended it. Now to your stupid comeback. 1, if you say that black on black crime is punished is bullshit cause last time I checked blacks don’t snitch out to the white cops. 2, That white on black crime isn’t punished is another lie cause the cops in NYC who choked out Eric Gardner (think that’s his name) they were sent to jail. And Do you know the case of Autumn Pasquale 12 YO. Who was beaten by two black guys and they got out 6 months later. And Trevyon Martin was fighting with him like an animal before he was shoot. And the other boy was weaving a toy gun at police which you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to know that’s a extremely stupid todo even if it was a toy gun. And the point is if their lives matter why doesn’t the unsolved black on black crime get solved. Killing each other at the rate of 1000s I’m sure there are a lot that are unsolved and went unpunished. But again black lives are only worth the media’s time when a white man kills a black. Maybe if you stop buying into the liberal media who could care less about blacks. You could actually do something for your people….. Like I don’t know try to get some of them off welfare to get them off of depending on this white man’s government money to live. And why are so many black women putting these black men into the White mens system IE child support.


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