Why is it that all lives seem to matter except white ones?



Call me racist I really don’t care but these movements for black lives matter and Muslim lives matter are stupid. All lives should matter. We all need to get off this fucking high horse that we seem be on and start acting like adults.

All lives matter.

shut up you stupid white bitch why dont you come live in baltimore for a few days and see why we need this protesting and shit. you dont get stopped by cops because youre black. you dont get shot because you have your hand in your pocket. your taco bell doesnt have bullet proof glass at the cash register. you dont have to cook your own soul food with imported ingredients from the internet because white businesses are trying to get away with leaving dangerous shit in the cheap food you have to buy because your poor. the truth is the worldd doesnt like black people and we have to do something about it.

@spiritualafricanwarrior Listen here you stupid nigger maybe the world doesn’t like blacks is because other blacks don’t like blacks. And if you don’t like being profiled then maybe you should stop other blacks from being niggers. But you don’t you sit and point the finger never acknowledging that the real problem, racism that blacks face is racism from other blacks. Your people are at the bottom of the list cause you make it so. And you could always leave this white racist country and go to your own country’s but you’re dumbass would come running back. See how good life is for blacks that have Black Country’s with black governments and see how badly it is. Most of you niggers protest and riot and destroy your own neighbourhoods, apartments and stores that or around the riots. And why would any cop white or black want to be nice and kind to people who have destroyed their own areas. The rest of the world (including Africa) sees American blacks as animals cause that what you put front. And if you had such a problem with white racist governments you would be telling your black people to stay off their welfare systems and stop being dependent on such systems. But you won’t so get back to that pathetic excuse of a life! But trying to teach you dumb niggers logic is like trying to teach a dog algebra.

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