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Ya know that guy who tried to prove how insane the bible’s rules are by strictly living by all of them for a year? Or that chick who responded to an Imam that said “earthquakes are caused by promiscuous dress,” by organizing a national “show your boobs” day to see if there were any earthquakes? Well that first guy got a book deal, and that woman went on tours all over the country talking about her experiment. Lyndsay wanted a piece of that action. 

She started “I’m back in the kitchen, what now?” A blog where she attempted to demonstrate how stupid traditional gender roles are by strictly adhering to them for a year. She left her job, and dedicated herself entirely to her “womanly duties.” Cooking, cleaning, shopping, making herself pretty for her husband, and so on. She blogged about what she did each day, how it went, and any problems she and her husband were facing because of it. The plan was for the blog to document her sitting around doing nothing, tensions between her and her husband, and a general breakdown of domestic harmony. Unfortunately for Lyndsay’s book deal plans, it didn’t really work out that way.

Almost immediately, her plan backfired by producing positive results. All the extra focus she gave to cooking and cleaning meant she and her husband were eating much better, and living in a much more comfortable environment. She noticed her husband was much more energetic now that he was getting a full breakfast with a lovely packed lunch each day. Within six months his boss would notice as well. Lyndsay wasn’t quite sure how to frame his promotion on her blog.

The original plan was for her to respond with faked enthusiasm anytime her husband made advances on her. And with all the extra attention she gave to looking pretty every morning, he couldn’t keep his hands off her. But far from being annoyed by it, Lyndsay found she adored all the extra attention. She had expected sex to become an uncomfortable chore during this year, but knowing he was getting everything he wanted from her was the biggest turnon she’d ever experienced.

Plus, like a proper lady, she’d sworn off masturbation for the extent of the project, and locked all her vibrators away. And like a proper man, she had made sure her husband knew not to be too concerned about her needs. But instead of being frustrated, Lyndsay found her frequent denial of gratification just meant she couldn’t stop thinking about the next time he’d screw her.

The the first few weeks of the blog only one thing was failing the way she wanted it to: corporal punishment. It had been difficult to convince her husband to participate, but Lyndsay had been adamant. It had once been a husband’s right to discipline his wife, and she needed him to embrace that if the project was going to work. Even after he agreed to participate, he clearly lacked enthusiasm. Lyndsay had to begin interviewing him weekly to determine what during the previous week he felt violated his authority as ‘head of the household.’ She’d then assign him punishments to give her, usually followed by a scolding that he wasn’t doing it right. Lyndsay delighted in writing about the strain this whole debacle was putting on their relationship, and tried to downplay the failures of the rest of the project.

Unfortunately, after about three weeks, something snapped in Lyndsay’s husband. After she chided him for ruining her experiment by being too gentle with her, he shouted at her to be quiet. Grabbed a fist full of her hair, bent her over the couch, and walloped her behind good and red.

As the first few blows fell, Lyndsay felt a rush of triumph. But as repeated blows cracked against her behind, something happened inside her. It felt…right. She’d never realized how strong her husband was before. How commanding, how powerful. She felt ashamed of the way she’d belittled him.

When the spanking was over the two locked gazes with one another. Something had changed inside both of them. This was the way it was supposed to be.

As the tone of Lyndsay’s blog began to change, the only thing she had left to complain about was how much time she had on her hands during the day. After all the cooking and cleaning was done, there wasn’t much else for her to do. It made her wonder why she hadn’t given her husband a child by now. 

After four months, Lyndsay announced on her blog that she was pregnant, and changed the blog’s title to “I’m back in the kitchen, and you should be too!”

Perfect story of a woman realizing where true happiness comes from. I love it!

I encourage any girls out there reading this to try submitting fully to your Man, just for a week, and see if it doesn’t make you feel happy and fulfilled with life.

This is an amazing story and it just shows how happy a woman can be if she submits to her man and nature.

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