You’re honestly one of the most disgusting people I’ve ever encountered, how you can continue to live your life looking through such a narrow point of view is beyond me. Please educate yourself, and check your privilege. You’re only a neo-nazi, a mysoginist, a racist, an ableist and an over all bigot because you’re in a place of privilege. In conclusion, you’re embarrassing and any real woman would never sleep with a dumb ass little bitch like you, let alone talk to you. Pathetic really lmao

I don’t see how my views and opinions are narrow minded I never demean those who have differences I listen to their opinions and destroy them will logic. And I don’t know how to “check” my privilege l would enjoy it if you would show me how to check it. No I don’t like the name neo-Nazi I just prefer Nazi, and the other three I just get called them, no one ever tells me HOW I am a racist and or misogynist. And no you are the bigot cause you are calling me names on my opinions and calling them narrow minded. So you are the bigot here. And if I was so bad then how did you ever come to write this message if no Real Woman would ever talk to me then how did you take time out of your day to write this. But you say I’m privileged which means I must be above you. Which means you are talking to a person of importance and you are wasting my time you peasant. Off with you before I have my followers stone you to death!!

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