Why is it that all lives seem to matter except white ones?






Call me racist I really don’t care but these movements for black lives matter and Muslim lives matter are stupid. All lives should matter. We all need to get off this fucking high horse that we seem be on and start acting like adults.

All lives matter.

shut up you stupid white bitch why dont you come live in baltimore for a few days and see why we need this protesting and shit. you dont get stopped by cops because youre black. you dont get shot because you have your hand in your pocket. your taco bell doesnt have bullet proof glass at the cash register. you dont have to cook your own soul food with imported ingredients from the internet because white businesses are trying to get away with leaving dangerous shit in the cheap food you have to buy because your poor. the truth is the worldd doesnt like black people and we have to do something about it.

White lives don’t matter? I’m sorry but when Tamir Rice, a 12 year old black kid gets gunned down by white police officers within 2 seconds of showing up on the scene, you don’t get to say white lives don’t matter. The reason there are no white lives matter movement is because white people aren’t gunned down the way black people are. White people bring their assault rifle to Walmart. Black people get shot for holding a toy gun in Walmart. It happened a couple years back, just can’t remember the victim’s name. White people aren’t put in the same danger as black people and other races are. For christ sake, look at what Donald Trump is doing! His racist supporters are attacking the blacks and Hispanic protesters. I’m a white male and I’m telling you that black people are still subjected to terrible racism across America. Stop watching those lying pieces of shit on “Fox News” and go look up the TYT Network on YouTube, then you will see the true face of America and know why the Black Lives Matter movement is important. Oh, and about 5 members of that movement were shot by two white racist anti movement members a couple months back. I don’t hear of systematic shooting of white people by black people. And if you need more proof, Dylan roof was the guy that killed 9 black people in a church a few months ago and he full out said it was because they were black. He was taken alive by police and they even stopped by a restaurant to get him a burger before they brought him back to the police station. Listen to what spiritualafricanwarrior is saying because he is right. As for that racist rant by degrade and dominate, he is just a pissed off racist fuck and I won’t bother even listening to anything else he has to say.

@maledommaster Let me ask you something white dude. You sit there and say “white lives don’t matter” and that whites are not gunned down by blacks which is a fucking lie whites get gunned down, raped and beaten by blacks every fucking day and you tell me that doesn’t happen cause you sit and watch TYT network which is a liberal owned channel and liberal outlet. And watch MSNBC again which is a liberal news station. You don’t know what the fuck your talking about. White women get raped by black men all the fucking time but you only hear about white dudes raping white women. How can you sit there and say whites are not in danger when you can just look up the cases of whites being killed by blacks and it’s a never fucking ending list. And what is the stereotype of blacks and what do blacks do but best stereotype them selfs. They riot and burn down their own houses apartments when a black criminal is gunned down. But when the little black girl is killed by that black criminal there is no riot, no protest, no Obama speech, no fuckboy Al Sharpton speech, no fucking nothing. You call me racist for saying nigger but you don’t say anything to the black person showing no respect for my white girl even if she has showed respect. That person said stupid white bitch which magically you missed tell me how that is talking with respect and those who want respect give it. The nigger didn’t show anything so neither will I. And dude grow some fucking balls and stop listening to liberal sources who don’t give a fuck about you. And if you don’t want to listen to anything else I got to fucking say stay the fuck off my girls post dumbass

White girls only matter, when they are servicing my black dick. I love fucking you, and fucking you well. Each stroke in that vanilla pussy brings a smile to my ancestors face…


Nigger stop trying to talk my girl and go back to fantasying about things you will never have. And last time I checked your ancestors smiled when a white guy raped them. She belongs to me and me only nigger but all you are just weak boys who hide behind a keyboard

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