I’m a male, do you even understand what feminism is? It’s respect for both females and males. You’re a bit stupid aren’t you, you act like a child. You still don’t understand that we are humans, all under one category, one planet. I bet you’re still thinking of white supremacy It didn’t work last time, it never will. We are coming into the space stage, no one is going to give two fucks about someone’s skin colour. People like you are going to die out and it’s exactly what earth needs. No offence

I’m a male as well. Yes I understand what feminism is and feminism is the advocacy of women’s rights on the grounds of political, social, and economic equality to men. Short definition of what feminism is. Yes we are all humans but no where near the same category. Were all different people. And no I am not thinking of white supremacy I’m thinking of I want my race to be preserved and not to be shit on just cause we are white. White supremacy is a made up idea by liberals to shame whites into not having pride in them selfs. The nazis never wanted white supremacy they wanted the jews out of germany and out of europe eventually. Which you see the current state of EU doesn’t sound bad does it. And if you say no one is going to care about skin colour then why are you bringing it up. Why do I get called a racist cause I don’t post interracial porn? why am I called out for being a white supremacy. The ones who say skin color doesn’t matter are sure as hell the ones who bring it up the most!…..dumbass…no offence

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