Today in our fucked up society. We rise girls to go to school,…

Today in our fucked up society. We rise girls to go to school, get good jobs and compete with men on fucking everything. Which has made women bitter, argumentative, entitled and worse wanting to be a man’s equal. Women were never meant to be loud, rude, aggressive, dominant or any other traits that are found in men. Women are meant to be soft, caring, submissive, docile,. But in our society liberalism and feminism using the mass media to tell young girls to go and basically slave away at a 9-5 job after finishing long and boring feminist owned colleges and universities. When instead young girls should told to look forward to having children, a strong husband to take care of her, to punish her when she challenges his authority as head of the household.  Men and women have their places in society, don’t buy into it

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