What are the benefits of having kids when you’re a man?




Longer hours at work? Spending my hard earned money on what her and the kids want all the time? Decreased social life? Spending saturdays doing shit I don’t really wanna do?  Not being able to sleep in on my days off? Going golfing and then having the wife get mad at me for doing something I want for a change? 

Please, do tell 

Dude shut the fuck up we get it you hate women and kids and anything involving any sort of self sacrifice

“This is what happens when men have the attitude of modern women” – my fiance.

If this guy doesn’t want to deal with kids or a wife so fucking what. If a woman would have said this she would have been called independent. Not selfish. If you call this guy names for not wanting to object himself to traditional male stereotypes then you should do the same when a woman says she doesn’t want to give birth or rise children. Cause if we men and women are truly equal (which were not) then both men and women should be called independent or selfish for saying something like this. That being said I think a man should want to take care of a his wife and children but I also believe a woman should submit to her husband and obey him. Basically get back in the kitchen and put on a poke a doted dress. I’ll pay the bills she can rub my feet when I get home!

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