You say that you don’t believe women and men are equal. Is that because women are better? Men are usually stronger physically, but the average woman is smarter than the average man. And I mean, if men are better, why aren’t you dating another man?

Well you must believe that men and women are equal cause if not you wouldn’t have message me, But you go on saying women are smarter then men which by feminist standards would be called sexist. But only men can be sexist the same way only whites can be racist. And if women are so damn smart then how come every country that allows women to vote has become a country in hell, Explanation, women were allowed to vote in 1920 and 15 years later the welfare system was born. Angela Merkel
(Germany’s Chancellor) has destroyed her country and by having overly considerate liberal policies has lead to 300+ German women being raped and probably many many more that the liberal media doesn’t tell you about. My point is women were never meant to lead even right wing women understand this. Liberalism is a lie, Equality is a lie, Women are Men are not equal and will never be equal. 

fucking feminists!

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