nieu-medes: This is probably my favourite gif. My all-time…


This is probably my favourite gif. My all-time favourite image of National Socialist Germany. The man of the SS standing there. So solemn, so confident and determined. A fearless sentinel amongst his country’s daughters. The ones to succeed him and his colleagues of their generation. That beautiful black contrasting perfectly with the shining red of his armband and it’s wonderful mark, emanating power and pride. He stands there, so proud and sure. His posture is that of a man who can once more stand dignified. Once again the German man can feel confident, to trust that his future is bright, and that a brilliant, loving and radiant hero will spearhead the advancement and uplifting of he and his countrymen. Young German girls have reason to smile and rejoice, to trust men like this one. Trust that they will be safe, secure and free of terror and misery.

But none of this was to last. What a pity.

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