What Does it Mean to be a woman?


Being a woman means that you are less than. you are natural prey to be hunted. you are the weaker sex. you are the less intelligent sex. In many places of the world, you are legal property of Men. In every place of the world, you are socially and fundamentally property of Men. you are a possession to be used, collected, traded, discarded.

Being a woman means that you exist to please. you are taught from the moment you are born that being visually pleasing is all people notice of you. you must be fit, wear makeup, style your hair, wear expensive and uncomfortable clothes and shoes. you are to be seen and not heard.

Being a woman means you are a sexual object. you must make Cock erect and serve Cock in any way He wants as a result. you are truly no more than two tits and three fuck holes. Any man, any place, any time; it is an honour to be fucked by the Superior Man, no matter what you say. you are a cunt to bring pleasure to Men and new life into the world.

Being a woman means that you are domesticated. you belong in His home. you cook. you clean. you serve your Man in every way imaginable.

Being a woman means you exist to serve Men.

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