You’re almost certainly a chubby fag who was bullied in HS. Even more likely an inbred who fucks his mom. That’s what happens when a redneck bro and sis have kids—human waste like you. Oh, by the way—the US owes its security almost entirely to Israel. The only reason there are not attacks on US soil is Israeli intelligence. Educate yourself when mommy doesn’t make you lick her stank hole.

One: No i’m not a product of incest and I don’t fuck my mother. Next time try to do better then that. Two: the reason USA hasn’t been attacked is not due to Israel’s help. Shitty Israel was only established only a few decades ago. (With the help of America) which was a mistake USA did. You should educate yourself instead of  believing everything you hear. And if you really wanted me to take your shitty anon message seriously you should have done better then “Your Mom” insults.  

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