Probably been asked this before and I apologise if you have. I really like your page and the whole concept, but do you view the whole beating women and taking control etc. as how we should actually treat women in real life or is it just a bedroom fantasy of yours? Big fan of the page but I see it more as a bedroom fantasy as opposed to actually treating women like that on a regular basis. Greetings from Scotland!

I have stated my belief on this I believe in traditional gender roles. I believe in keeping a woman in her place and to do that you have to physically dominate her into submission. Slapping or other kind of physical dominance. And keeping control of your woman is a very fun aspect of a relationship that is completely different than what our modern society would have you believe. I’ve said it 1000 times equality is a lie. It’s not just fantasy to me I believe this is how the world should be.

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